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Design Diary

I'll turn you into a design addict, so you can't look around without a super critical eye, thinking "just Let Liz Help!"
Guerrilla Altruism x
Lovely Somethings

Send a free, anonymous note, in an effort to maximize acts of kindness for well-being, to any and everyone.
House of

Live vicariously through our misadventures as we transform our pile of bricks into my dream mid-century cottage.
Liz Loves
I love lists... and I can't decide if these finds are really for sharing or to remind me of all the things I want to buy 😉
Paper People
and Places

Paper people are the best people! Here's a map of shops around the country that I've visited or on the bucket list.
Lovely Somethings

Check out some of our favorite US travel destinations and favorites from our trusted friends.
Troop Lovely
Somethings Shindigs

Irregular gatherings doing random lovely things to revive the liveliness of the shop and it's troop.
Working title for something that has been swirling around in my head - if anyone knows a grant writer, hit me up.